What kind of LED Grow Light do Plant Factories need?

Plant Factory is a kind of efficient agricultural system, it use computers to automatically control the temperature, humidity, light and CO2 concentration etc. of plants. These years, plant factory has a fast development, and will be universal in few years. LED grow light is a significant for high efficient growth of plants. So let’s take a look at what kind of LED grow light do plant factories need.

First of all, the color ratio. Different plants have different sensitive areas of light, for example, the most suitable color ratio is red:blue=8:1; For different period of same plant, the light they need is also different, for example, during florescence, red is more needed, so the color ratio usually is red:blue=7-9:1.



The full spectrum LED grow light of Wuxi Rave Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. have the scientific color ratio. It has smart control system with programmable, 4 channel, 5 modes (VEG MODE/FLOWER MODE/UVB MODE/DIY MODE/MANUAL MODE), 8 time points 24 hours cycle. This can meet the growth needs of different plants to a greater extent. Our LED grow light also has the daisy-chain connection that can control up to 250 lights synchronously by one controller.

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Posted by admin on 25 Aug 2017