Malibu S400 LED Aquarium Light

Product parameters

LED quantity : 120pcs 3w LED

Power consumption : 360-400w

Input voltage : AC110V or 240V

Color ratio : CW:B:R:Uv:G=45:50:10:10:5

Lifespan : 50,000hours

Product dimension : 152*21*5cm

Net weight : 14kg

Grow weight : 19kg

Product Details
LED quantity 120pcs 3w LED
Power consumption 360-400w
Input voltage AC110V or 240V
Color ratio CW:B:R:Uv:G=45:50:10:10:5
Lifespan 50,000hours
Product dimension 152*21*5cm
Nwt weight 14kg
Grow weight 19kg

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